KIO will get Polkit support this summer

Hello world! For those who don't know me, I am Chinmoy, a first year undergraduate student studying computer science at Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India. I am one of the 1,318 students selected for this years Google Summer of Code. I will be working with Arnav Dhamija and Elvis Angelaccio (my mentors) on the KDE project "Polkit Support in KIO".
So what's this all about? Once in their life linux users find themselves in a situation where they need to do some sort of system level file tweaking to make their life easier. Now for the advanced user this might be matter of a simple command executed with sudo but for the average user this is a nightmare. Our friend Joe is that average-linux-user. Like any other linux user he also felt the need to make system level changes.Being a rookie in linux he dreads the terminal so he eventually googles how to make life easier without using terminal. And google directs him to start the whole the application, fil…
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